What is
APIOps Cycles method?

Yes, it's free!

The APIOps CyclesTM is a set of tools and methods for designing API Management compatible APIs with Clear business orientation and best practice architecture patterns.

Is it free, what can i do with it?

The method is licensed with CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, so you may use them for commercial purposes and even modify if you share your versions with the same license. The trademarks for APIOps CyclesTM and APIOpsTM are for partly historical reasons and partly to keep it available for the community and the method.

how can i learn more about it?

Learn more and participate in adopting and developing the method in our blog where you will find information on meetups, training, consulting and certification programs.

what is apiops?

The method highlights the unique nature of developing and operating APIs compared to other software. APIOps, like DevOps, has roots in Lean management.


APIOpsTM is a registered trademark. Osaango Ltd is one of the trademark holders for software development methods, community, and training. Why trademark? Mostly to protect the term so companies couldn't use it for their own promotion, but that it would be used for the community. The term was coined 2015 from DevOps (Wikipedia) by Jarkko Moilanen. In August that year, APIOps community was kickstarted.

In the beginning, the idea of APIOps was formulated to stand for: APIOps goal is to design, build, test and release APIs more rapidly, frequently and reliably.


APIOps CyclesTM -method is developed originally at Digia Plc.

During 2017 Marjukka Niinioja while moving from API Development manager tasks to Digia Plc, combined Jarkko Moilanen’s and her own similar curated thoughts about API value chain automation, API Canvas, DevOps and Lean Startup methods to complete set of methods. With the help of Marjukka APIOps focus moved more towards business-driven thinking rather than technology and automation. Business-oriented APIOps Cycles method was born! The method has been used and trained in early customer cases and open courses. Several people from Digia Plc and community contributed to finalizing the first version of APIOps Cycles. We would like to give special thanks to Turo Hyppönen, Jani Iivari and Sami Lairala for giving their input for the first beta-version development of the method. Digia Plc contributed the APIOps Cycles to the APIOps community on 08/2017.

Early 2018 Osaango Ltd. was established by Marjukka Niinioja with help from other API and training gurus, for example, Anne-Maritta Talaslahti to take APIOps Cycles to the next level and beyond.

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