welcome to use the apiops cycles method

fits many needs

APIOps Cycles can be used for designing API solution or strategy not just for designing and developing a single API.


APIOps Cycles is collaborative method and makes sense to people who are not into software development and APIs.


APIOps Cycles creates faster results by making sure everyone understands what we are doing and we design and build only what we need.


By focusing on the right things we eliminate the 8 wastes of Lean management and reduce lifetime costs of our APIs.


APIOps Cycles helps you start and focus with business needs. If your API doesn't have a clear business model or serve a customer need, you are wasting time, money or other valuables by building it.


APIOps Cycles is licensed with CC-BY-SA 4.0 and the basic method is free, use it or suggest improvements.

how apiops cycles works?
APIOps Cycles

method for lean api development

Great APIs need skilled people and a good method, which let's you create APIs as products - fast.
APIOps Cycles method is vendor & technology-neutral.

Read the free e-book "The 8 wastes of lean in API development". Learn quick tips on how to remove the wastes using the APIOps Cycles method.