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Use business and technical metrics to learn how your API works and how the developers and end-users use it.

Publish API

Publishing an API involves publishing all assets needed to use and find the API. These can be technical, product management and/or marketing assets.


Publish the API - Technical view

Where and how can API consumers access the API for testing or production use? Is the API secured and safe? Is the documentation also published?

After publishing, internal and external API consumers can use the API. Publishing makes relevant technical assets available at the intended network addresses. For anyone to be able to use the API, there are also other things to publish than the API specification. Examples are authentication, access control and other security services and configurations.

When publishing a new API, the publishing workflow needs to be configured. This is often automated using continuous integration  (CI/CD) and API management.

Publish API

Publish the API - Product management view

What assets and configurations are published for product management, monetization or external purposes?

Even internal APIs need product management, such as documentation and help channels. Monetizing the API either directly or indirectly requires registration and pricing. These need related policies and workflows. Documentation of the API or API version needs to be published, too.Typical assets are API branding, terms and conditions and how-to-content. These are addressed in more detail in the Mind the Developer Experience phase.

Publish API

Publish the API - Marketing and communications view

How will the API consumers find the API?

For a new or changed API, any marketing and communications assets are published. API portals, partner portals, intranets, extranets and internet pages are examples of own channels. Partner channels such as API catalogues and marketplaces need extra attention. They may also need collaboration with channel owners. Often external channels need specific technical assets and configurations.

Publish API

APIOps Cycles

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APIOps Cycles method is vendor & technology-neutral.

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